AgilityShip® : 12 Leadership Practices For Remarkable, Formidable and Resilient Futures!


Re-Humanising & Re-Inventing Leadership Development

From WHY & WHAT to HOW
We help leadership learners to clarify, prioritise, execute, measure and adapt their purpose-values, goals and implementation plans, whilst internal and external conditions and circumstances continually change.

Focusing on re-humanising leadership for constant re-invention, generating hope and showing HOW we can improve ourselves to successfully navigate change in our rapidly altering world.


is to be the Best in the World at AGILITYSHIP®
"Our calling and ambition is to help children, youth, organisations, communities and nations become prosperous and change resilient by developing 12 day to day and life-long Leadership ‘agility’ Practices, using our education, training, career management, coaching, and consultancy ‘diagnostics and services’."
- Dr Paul Aitken, Founder of Mastering Leadership Agility; AgilityShip®


AgilityShip® is a  science-based researched methodology applicable for all age. Be it individual or in a team setting, we have the solution for you. Click below to find out more:



Programmes Highlight:

'Agile Sailors' Programme - Carefully crafted for team to put their Emotional intelligence Leadership Practice into real life situations and actions. (watch Trailer below)


Isdar Andre Marwan | HR Director | Permata Bank 

"Dr Paul Aitken is a source of inspiration when it comes to advanced leadership. I have the privilege to learn from him and his programme is intellectually stimulating. Not only it allowed me to gain valuable insights, the practices are relevant and applicable to my current work area. Totally enjoyed his sharings and highly recommend to learn from him as his lectures are relatable and sense-making."
- Yeo Lay Peng Rosaline | Nurse Manager | Tan Tock Seng Hospital
"I have benefited a lot from Dr Paul's leadership coaching. The 12 Leadership Agility Practices are highly applicable in any organization. They advance communication and help organizations to be more effective in their transformation process. I personally like Practice 3 'Sense Make-Give' which highlights the importance of first answering the question of WHY are we changing and Practice 4 'Mindful of Impact' which remind me of the importance of system thinking which is increasingly important in our well-connected world today."
- Elaine Tan | Deputy Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing | NUS School of Continuing and a Lifelong Education
"In this present times, we all know change is inevitable but it is also how we adapt to these changes that will determine our success and failure. Through Dr Paul's 12 leadership practices, I got to know myself better and was able to identify my default leadership style and also those of others working with me. In Sun Tzu's "Art of War", " 知己知彼百战百胜" these 12 practices gives me the tools to manoeuvre my course to achieve a win-win situation. In my leadership position may it be at work or at home, it has definitely helped me in many ways and given me new perspectives."
- Darren Lim | Skipper & Owner Yacht- Gracefully
"Paul is an outstanding professional that has the rare combination of rigour and relevance. His consulting is informed by his vast experience, differnt skill sets and academic work. The MLA work is innovative in a crowded market and I hope to bring his work in as a service provider to the organisation I am with."
- Scott Lichtenstein | Birmingham City University
"The Leadership Agility practices have enabled me to take the first steps towards instilling a culture of leadership at all levels of our organisation by providing a clear and simple framework with which to identify the appropriate behaviors and desired outcomes from the application of each of the practices. Further, the program clearly outlines the consequences of a deficiency in each practice.” It’s the perfect system to enable people to develop their strengths as a leader and also to identify and improve upon their weaknesses as a leader, no matter their role or level of authority."
- Cathy May | General Manager | Dental Partners

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