"If there are no followers, then leadership is not present, and the PERSON, TEAM or ENTERPRISE will wither and die!" - Dr Paul Aitken

C-Suites, Directors and Executive Coaching

Who is This Service for:
It is for Senior Executives, C-Suites, Directors, General Manager and above, responsible for leading people through significant, difficult or complex changes.

Purpose of Coaching:
The focus is on being a skilled sounding board, advising and guiding as different leadership challenges emerge. Together with the coachee, our purpose is to create continuous improvement through reflection and adaptation, turned into effective leadership practice, decision making and action, which produces sustainable and positive people and business impacts.

Goal to Achieve:
The goal for the coachee, with our support, is to work towards leadership coaching mastery by first becoming a respected and valued leadership coach who, in parallel with their own development, re-inforce and deepen their learning by coaching direct reports to improve their own leadership agility. This builds the overall leadership capability and capacity available to the business, as it continues to navigate changing internal and external conditions to achieve sustainable market and/or sector leading results.

Our focus is to contribute to your personal leadership growth and sustainable business success by being a trusted confidante.

* Facilitating Resolution of personal and/or business dilemmas and challenges, when you have no one else to trust or share the problem with.

* Providing Timely and Confidential Emotional Support during times of severe stress or uncertainty Preparing you for important discussions and meetings, where the outcomes will have significant impacts on people and/or the enterprise.

* Affirming and Questioning highly contentious decisions and actions before they are made. Acting as a mirror and guide to improve your own and other’s leadership effectiveness. Challenging ideas and behaviour, along with suggesting solutions to improve the health and performance of your management team.

* Guiding the Resolution of difficult interpersonal relationships between team members, which are severely affecting the morale and performance of the organisation.

* Advising on Selection, Leadership-Management Development and De-Selection of people in mission-critical roles, as part of the strategy implementation plan.

* Developing your Agility and Everyday Leadership Practices when disruptive change is occurring Helping you clarify who is responsible for what parts of the organisation’s performance.

* Conducting the rehearsal of performance management discussions with key people who are either internal or connected to the organisation.

* Supporting the improvement of communication and relationship issues generated by remote and distributed working.

* Improving your Reflective and Noticing Powers, alongside your own practice as a leadership coach and mentor to others.

* Discussing exit plans and roles beyond the current organisation.

* Relaying affirmation, with specific learning feedback, of a job well done.

Contract Packages for C-Suites, Directors and Executive Coaching:

  1. ON – CALL Option: A 12-month investment which includes open access to the coach by remote or face-to-face communication.

  2. PROGRAMMED Option: A package of planned 6 x up to 90 minute sessions by remote or face-to-face communication, scheduled on a monthly basis over 6 months.