"If there are no followers, then leadership is not present, and the PERSON, TEAM or ENTERPRISE will wither and die!" - Dr Paul Aitken

Leadership Agility Coaching

Who is This Coaching for:
It is for Managers and Senior Professionals who want to improve their people leadership practice as part of boosting the outputs and outcomes of their function, alongside progressing their own leadership career opportunities.

Purpose of Leadership Agility Coaching:
The focus is on supporting the coachee to develop and apply different leadership practices, alongside their peers and staff, in everyday work situations. Our purpose, working with the coachee, is to improve personal and team contributions to the business.

Goal to Achieve:
The goal for the coachee, with our support, is to work towards mastery of leadership agility within their current roles, as well as prepare for future and different leadership contexts.

* Improves your own agility through helping others improve theirs.

* Develops the next generation of leaders.

* Supports leadership talent career guidance, planning and management.

* Is a more scientific way to allocate and delegate leadership tasks to the right people. 

Contract Packages for Leadership Agility Coaching:

Scheduled 6 x 60-minute sessions, delivered by remote or face-to-face communication, which can be further extended depending on need. We can negotiate the package if there are several people who would benefit from this option. Provided by one of our MLA Licensed Master Coaches.