"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

Small Group Coaching

Who is This Coaching for:
It is for Leadership Teams who are keen to have cross-functional conversations around common leadership issues and challenges, with a view towards building and executing strategy; and within function teams and work groups, who need to build their common purpose and produce a continuous improvement implementation plan.

Purpose of Small Group Coaching:
The focus is on bringing the coaching conversation into a small group context. It provides an intimate conversation space, often as a follow up to staff training, team leadership development, or as part of a longer-term organisational change journey.

Our purpose is to work with small groups to surface opportunities, issues and challenges and identify performance improvement barriers and enablers.

Through group-based conversations combined with action learning, groups build common purpose, deepen awareness around key issues, identify workable solutions, take supported action together, and develop mutual accountability for the results.

Goal to Achieve:
Drawing on the collective wisdom of the group through facilitated peer to peer leadership learning, small group coaching clients benefit from the much improved communications, relationship building and knowledge creation-sharing-dissemination; breaking down silos across the organisation and building highly productive in-group bonds within the same functions.

The aim is to build a leadership agility culture which sustains productivity, profitability and prosperity.

* Helps team members see the diversity of leadership practices available for the team to use more appropriately in different situations.

* Creates a conversation platform and framework for collaborative problem solving.

* Produces more collective buy-in to decisions.

* Reduces silo thinking and actions. 

Contract Packages for Small Group Team Coaching:

Scheduled minimum of 2 x half-day sessions for a team of 3 and up to 10pax. This can be extended, if there are specific and unexpected challenges, which emerge that, require further sessions to resolve. Provided by one of our MLA Licensed Master Facilitator - Coaches.

Note: 3-10 pax per Facilitator-Coach