Be Agile or Be Fragile
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Our Manifesto

“A re-purposed humanity, seen as only one part of our natural existence, is our best and only competitive advantage. In a world becoming dominated by AI, augmented reality and automated jobs, humans aren’t a resource under the control of managers and the HR profession, they’re our watchful and richly diverse business and community stewards – our agile and inventive fellowship.

So, in re-imagining leadership and leadership learning and development, we want everyone to see an organisation, or a family, or a community, as a precious belonging, made up of living-breathing colourful people in a world full of inspirational and life-giving natural beauty.

We want people to become more humane, so they enrich themselves alongside their communities, creating more innovative and sustainable ways of owning, organising and conducting work, as they also restore and protect their precious life-giving natural surroundings.

We are all customers of the leadership we are presented with or attracted to, so followership is always a choice gained through respecting and rallying our passions, uniqueness, imagination, and ingenuity.

Our mission is to help people spot and convert the learning application and entrepreneurial opportunities for implementing sustainable improvements to all livelihoods and life in general, day after day.”

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Our 12 Practices are Vital for Disruptive Times

Business, career and life in the 21st Century will be dominated by the combined impact of AI with other known, and as yet unknown, globally interconnected disruptive changes. The role of leadership urgently requires a different purpose and a new set of practices. Doing the right thing will matter more than who we are. We call this new personal values-led adaptive capability ‘Agilityship’.

A priority focus for leadership development programmes will be to enhance the unique sentiments and gifts which only humans bring to each other and the world they live in. This more humane and inventive leadership is critical as the world responds, like now, to pandemic, climate change and species extinction challenges.

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Be Agile or Be Fragile

Global Track Record

Our programmes have already been experienced by Learners in Enterprises and Global Business Schools around the world. 


“I have benefited a lot from Dr Paul’s leadership coaching. The 12 Leadership Agility Practices are highly applicable in any organization. They advance communication and help organizations to be more effective in their transformation process.

I personally like Practice 3 ‘Sense Make-Give’ which highlights the importance of first answering the question of WHY are we changing and Practice 4 ‘Mindful of Impact’ which remind me of the importance of system thinking which is increasing important in our well connected world today.”

Elaine Tan
Deputy Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing
NUS School of Continuing and a Lifelong Education

“I would classify this program as a life changing course. It did ­fit perfectly with my belief that leadership is not personality based, but rather personal connectivity based. The way Dr Paul conducted it was sensational and very engaging. Sense make-give practice in particular have had permanent positive impact on me and on some people around me, it has helped me to change someone’s life for the better.

The art of deep communication with others to explore shared understanding, and work on what is to be done next was another remarkable bene­fit that helped me a lot at my work place. In Addition total leadership practice has reshaped how I think and has created that strong belief in me to live out my purpose and vision not only in personal life but also at work place.

On the personal as well as professional level, this course has been a great guide and came on the perfect time to help setting my next career goal and assist me to prepare my two sons to be agile leaders.”

Mohamed Maher
Senior Executive

National University Hospital

“The Leadership Agility Practices have enabled me to take the first steps towards instilling a culture of leadership at all levels of our organisation by providing a clear and simple framework with which to identify the appropriate behaviors and desired outcomes from the application of each of the practices.

Further, the program clearly outlines the consequences of a deficiency in each practice. It’s the perfect system to enable people to develop their strengths as a leader and also to identify and improve upon their weaknesses as a leader, no matter their role or level of authority.”

Cathy May
General Manager

Dental Partners

“I have implemented the leadership agility framework into two multi-million dollar not-for-profit organisations. If you are part of an organisation that is looking for a solution to improve employee engagement improve decision making, and seeking to direct your organisation to be a market leader, Dr Aitken’s Leadership Agility framework is the first step you should consider implementing to make lasting and positive change.”

Rachael Cowan
Finance and Operation Consultant
Gateway Baptist Church

“MLA is a leadership and organisational development framework based on a review of over 50 years of Change Leadership research, which operationalises the daily leadership practices critical for creating a knowledgeable and ultimately innovative and sustainable organisation, in a fast changing and competitive business environment.

I have implemented MLA practices as part of my division staff training and development program, and it has proven to be a success, resulting in a more harmonious relationships within working teams and groups, by creating knowledge sharing, learning and engagement across the division and for self-leadership.”

 Agnes Ang
General Manager

Raymond Well & Vulcain S.E Asia – MELCHERS


Interview with Chris Laidlaw (former All Black and Rhodes scholar) on Change Leadership

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