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BIOWISE: Limitless Human Reinvention – Inspired by Nature

How to Re-Purpose Lives and Livelihoods for Advancing Humanity?

Human centric thinking about solutions to our contemporary and commonly experienced social, economic and environmental challenges has, because of its myopic nature, become self-limiting.  We continue to look down the wrong end of the telescope – employing humans ‘outside of’ nature to look at human created disruptions, whilst mainly ignoring nature ‘inside and around’ us insights and examples, which we can utilise to improve our oneness with nature and the human benefits this will bring.  Given that the natural world, when left alone, is the supreme role model of sustainability, this is both perverse and a mainly missed learning opportunity.

Our work will continue to explore what we can learn about nature, learn in nature and learn from nature in our mission to build and maintain a pipeline of human reinvention which secures a healthy and viable future. The learnings will then be applied to personal reinvention (body, values, mind and behaviour) through self-leadership, and enterprise reinvention (localism, mutualism and communitarianism) via leadership of and through others.  Examples of nature-based solutions will illustrate and inform recovery, restoration and regeneration in both our lives and livelihoods.


Life-Stage & Life-Long Learning Process

‘AgilityShip for Young Leaders’; 8-12 year olds
Deep focus on the development of entrepreneurial leadership character, personal values awareness and resilience, based on sustainable ‘people to people’ communications, relationship building and knowledge creation-sharing-dissemination.

‘AgilityShip for Young Entrepreneurs’; 13-23 year olds
Taking a business idea from conception, through to pilot testing and operationalisation, with a focus on collaborative working and sustainable resource utilisation.

‘AgilityShip for Managers’; Working Adults
Enhances the viability and sustainability of an enterprise through self-leadership, leadership of others and leadership through others, with a growth and entrepreneurial mind-set.

‘AgilityShip for Pre and Current Retirees’
Preparation for and extension of ‘careers in the 4th life stage’, including entrepreneurship and leadership mentoring of those in the other three life stages.



Research and Development

List of Research and Development Papers:

Latest Publication (2022):

Adam Smith Revisited: Moral Leadership for Global Recovery and Restoration. Integral Leadership ReviewVol. 21, Issue 1, 2021


Previous Academic & Business Publications:


Watton, E., Lichtenstein, S., & Aitken, P. (2019) ‘Won’t get fooled again’: How personal values shape leadership purpose, behavior and legacy. Journal of Management & Organization, April

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Aitken, P. & Lichtenstein, S. (2015) Business Psychology in Action (Association for Business Psychology): ‘Leadership for Sustainability’

Mastering Leadership Agility – Knowledge Management Forum (Henley Business School – University of Reading) ‘Developing Knowledge Driven Leadership Agility’ (Learning Simulation Handbook) 2012

New Zealand Public Service – Leadership Development Centre business publications, written following successful bids against major international management consultancies:

  • “People Capability – Strategy and Assessment”, a strategic HR business evaluation and planning tool for senior executive teams – 1999 
  • “Chief Executive Selection” across the Public Service, process review for the State Services Commission – 1998
  • “Capability Management in the NZ Public Service (a framework for organisational performance)” – 1998
  • “Strategic Human Resource Capability and Competence” – 1997
  • Co -designed and produced an innovative Public Service senior manager ‘self-assessment for development’ reporting tool – 1997 (updated 2004)
  • “Senior Manager Competencies (and high potential succession indicators)” – 1996
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