Be Agile or Be Fragile
Aitken Leadership Practice Diagnsotics Personal Values Sensitivity Diagnostic
If there are no followers, then leadership is not present


Leaders shape followers’ perceptions and expectations through how they practice or DO leadership – less so about what is SAID or what PERSONALITY they have. In this way the ‘leader’, through their daily behaviour, directly address the key question on ‘Why should anyone be led by me?’

Likewise, followers need to learn how to support the emergence of leadership through their own followership, and by doing so learn more about their own leadership.

In any situation, there is no leadership present if followership does not exist, regardless of job titles.

The message on the streets for employers, employees and citizens around the world is we all need to become much more agile. This challenge is more pressing as our livelihoods and lives continue to be disrupted.

Our scientifically proven diagnostics have been showed to improve personal, team and whole of organisation leadership agility

Aitken Leadership Practice Diagnsotics

Aitken Leadership Practice Diagnostics (ALPD)

Scientific evidence for the critical importance of 12 AGILE LEADERSHIP PRACTICES which build ‘SUSTAINABLE’ leadership and enterprises in a constantly evolving work, home and community environment.

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Personal Values Sensitivity (PVS)

Based on our substantive personal values-led leadership practices research, different perspectives on how the world does or should work produced three personal values clusters (Self, Business and Society motivational drivers) which parallel the contemporary ‘triple bottom line’ measures of Prosperity (Self), People (Business) and the Planet (Society).

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Personal Values Sensitivity
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